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Suzanne (left) and Becky (right) recording a story behind the song, Gone, But Not Forgotten

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God is In Control
 We are now past 2020, which was a year that truly felt OUT OF CONTROL! With such unusual circumstances and political turmoil, I found myself frequently praying fervently for peace, softened hearts, and experiences to help myself, my family, and others grow. Over the years I have seen many friends and family members struggle…some having hard trials, some losing their faith, some making choices that are different from the way I believe. I still feel so much love for these individuals. I realize that they each have their own journey, but I want the best for them. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to pray and what to ask for ourselves and others…

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It’s always fun to add pictures to my songs, and I feel like it brings them to life and gives extra meaning to them. I need to do more of this!