Belated Easter Message

It has been a busy month! I did write a new song for Easter called, “Your Feet.” To me, the Savior’s feet represent the great example of love He showed throughout his earthly life, along with the sacrifice of His life for each of us. I love the Lord so much and I appreciate all He has done for each of us, and yet I often fall short of the way I want to live to show that love to Him. Still, I know He loves me and can make more of my life, as I give my weaknesses, my strengths, and my all to Him. One of my weaknesses is the way I procrastinate sharing the music that I write, which I feel is a gift from God. I know I can do better at getting my songs out to the world to help inspire others through the songs that come as inspiration to my heart. I want to walk in my Savior’s footsteps…serving in whatever way I can, and doing the things he’d have me do to spread His word. Enjoy this song! Your Feet (feat. Becky Willard)

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