God is In Control

We are now past 2020, which was a year that truly felt OUT OF CONTROL! With such unusual circumstances and political turmoil, I found myself frequently praying fervently for peace, softened hearts, and experiences to help myself, my family, and others grow. Over the years I have seen many friends and family members struggle…some having hard trials, some losing their faith, some making choices that are different from the way I believe. I still feel so much love for these individuals. I realize that they each have their own journey, but I want the best for them. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to pray and what to ask for ourselves and others. I know God won’t force us to choose Him. I know He often lets things take their natural course.

I have often prayed for myself and those close to me to have righteous desires and softened hearts. I don’t know if God actually CHANGES our hearts, because I know He allows us our agency, but I know He can give us experiences that give us that opportunity, if the timing is right. What I do know is that I trust Him! I trust in His love and care for each of us and know that He sees our potential and will do His best to give us the opportunities to help us reach it. He will always allow us our choice in how we respond. It’s always wise to pray for God’s will to be done, because truly His way is the right way. I trust that ultimately He is in control, and that is where my song “In Control (feat. Becky Willard)” originated. So grateful for Becky’s exceptional producing skills and that she is always willing to lend her beautiful voice to my songs. Happy 2021 to each of you! Let’s make it a fantastic year and trust God to lead us each day.

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