The Race

My latest single, “The Race,” released last weekend. The idea for this song came when I was thinking about some lyrics to a song I like, Josh Wilson’s “That Was Then, This is Now.” I thought it was talking about rock climbing. I thought the lyrics were, “I’ve been belayed by grace.” Haha! Turns out it’s “I’ve been remade by grace.” But, it got me wanting to write a song comparing life to a physical activity or sport and I thought of running. My husband and I try to run a couple half marathons every year. It never gets any easier. As I run, I talk to my husband and listen to Christian music, which uplifts me and motivates me. Life can feel like a long race.We can feel exhausted and lost, and sometimes we may fall, but God is always there cheering us on, picking us up, and showing us the way. He’s our biggest fan and support, and He will be there waiting for us at the finish line with His arms open wide.

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